Custom Auto & Motorcycle Parts

So, you need a custom metal trailer, motorcycle, or auto part? You came to the right place. We aren’t mechanics, but we know metal and would love to build or repair your custom parts, trailers or whatever you have in mind.

What We Do

Mobile Welding & Steel Erection

Onsite welding services including Stick, MIG, TIG and Carbon Arc Gouging 

Metal Fabrication Shop

Custom metal & fabrication shop working with steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Custom Metal Work

We help from start to finish with commercial and residential projects of all sizes

Our small parts metal fabrication shop handles a wide variety of automotive, trailer, and motorcycle custom parts. We’re eager to provide custom steel auto parts for your rig. We produce custom design elements, frames, handlebars, and more. We also can help repair trailers and auto or motorcycle parts. 


Whatever custom project you have in mind, we can help. We recently built a complete custom BBQ smoker trailer complete with electricity, an automatic BBQ lid, running water, custom steel cabinets, and gorgeous aluminum siding.

We can outfit you with a custom ladder rack for your flatbed or a custom crank for your Harly. We’re not mechanics –  we’re welders – but we love working on custom parts for cars, trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment. 

Featured Projects

custom bbq smoker in shop

Smokin’ Zoes Custom BBQ Smoker Trailer

We helped Smoking’s Zoe’s actualize their vision of a custom BBQ smoker trailer. This came out amazing.  

guys handling steel beam

Structural Steel and Architectural Metals

We catered to a client to build custom exterior metal furnishings. The metal was built to highlight the overall design. 

man welding above highway in denver

I-70 Late Night Highway Welding Job

We did this project with Kiewit alongside C-DOT and Metal Pros who furnished all the steel for this I-70 construction project. 

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