Custom Metal Deck with a Beautiful View


Proud to add this big custom steel deck to the Fox Fabrication and Welding portfolio. This steel deck was built in a stunning Boulder neighborhood, with fantastic mountain views. We called this project Meadowlook. Fox Fabrication and Welding installed the steel and built this custom steel deck based on a structural engineer drawing.


Ground Up Build with 6×12 Inch Steel Beams


With the client’s engineering drawing we fabricated all the steel in the shop. We plasma cut and mitered the corners for all the large square tube framing. The material we used was 6-inch x 12-inch steel and assembled all the pieces in the field using a crane.

The entire project was welded together – there were no bolted connections other than the baseplates. Great to see a big steel welding and fabrication project like this come into existence.

If you want to add a custom steel deck, awning or pergola to your house, we are here to help. Contact us today or call us at (720)939-6115 now.


Project Photos

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